Translation and interpretation services
Tmi Katja Moisanen

Welcome to my homepages! I have started as an entrepreneur last summer, in 2016, as a translator and an interpreter. My education is Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oulu (2015) with German philology as a major, and I am also Bachelor of Business from the Oulu Polytechnic (2003). My translation specializations are language pairs German-Finnish, Swedish-Finnish and English-Finnish and I am a member of The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL), in the divisions of translators of professional texts (II) and interpreters (IV).

Previously I have worked as a real estate agent in Kemi (2012-2014) and I have been in Oulu in the middle of the last decade in the real estate business as well. I have been working for Outokumpu Stainless Inc., too, as an export assistant and in bookkeeping from 2007 to 2011. I have accomplished my work practice in Offenburg, Germany in international sales in a company called Crossmobil GmbH. Due to my work history, I have specialized in the translation of technical and commercial texts. I have also lived many years abroad, in Sweden and in Germany.

Besides working with companies, I also make translations of different types of certificates to private persons and I have language planning services, the price is per hour. You are welcome to make an inquiry about the translations by phone or by e-mail!